Free Grafton “The freest town in the Free State”

Grafton is a small town in Grafton County, New Hampshire, where many liberty activists have settled.  It is one of the few towns with no zoning, is entirely rural, and is mostly populated by people who just want to be left alone by government.  In the early days of the Free State Project, a small group of activists decided to encourage people to move specifically to Grafton for these reasons. 

A detailed profile about the town can be found at FreeHampshire.Com.  The Town’s official website is at

Grafton was named for Augustus Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Grafton, Earl of Arlington and Euston, Viscount Thetford, and Baron Sudbury.  He was a pro-American member of English government prior to the Revolution, and related to New Hampshire Governor Benning Wentworth.  Grantees of the initial 1761 charter voted to surrender their grant in 1762.  The land was regranted in 1769 to new colonists, including John Hancock and James Otis, well-known Boston patriots.  The town was incorporated in 1778.  Source.

The name Grafton itself means a farm or settlement in a grove, from Old English grāf “a grove, a copse” and tūn “an enclosure, a farmstead, a village, an estate.”  Source.

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